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Today I want to talk about a book called Butterflies Are Free To Fly by Stephen Davis. I don’t know if this is a book review or how this book relates to me, I am not sure we will see. In any case it will be interesting!

These days I am not into reading books unless somebody wants me to review a book and sends it to me (this is not one of these books). For now I think I have already read my fair share of books related to personal development both new and the classic ones. Now if I read any book related to this topic I have a feeling of “been there done that”. However I do follow the research in the field of quantum physics.

I try to make connections between quantum mechanics and it’s principles as related to my reality. That is why I was attracted to this book. One of my readers recommended it to me (thanks Dan!). I don’t enjoy reading e-books and prefer books in hard copy but I definitely enjoyed this one. And you can too it is available online for free. If you want to continue reading what I have to say about this book then I recommend that you do that otherwise you will not follow the discussion.

Even if you find this book too strange for words, read it as a fiction if you will. After all we watch all kinds of movies most of which we believe to be fiction and still enjoy them. The thing that amazed me even before I started reading this book was that it is completely free, no catch. There are not even any advertisements. So the author has nothing financial to gain from it. He genuinely wants people to have this information.

As you read this book the author recommends some youtube video clips, movies and books that are related to the subject matter at hand. I would say that I have read about 70% of these books but I have watched all the movies and clips that he recommends. What can I say, I like movies that are out of the box.

At one point the author says that he feels that most of the readers of his book will be baby boomers as they have had enough normal life experiences and are ready for something new. However most of the baby boomers that have shown up in my reality are very set in their beliefs and ideas and don’t want to let go of them. The younger generation on the other hand (mid 30’s and above) is mostly all for trying new ideas, at least the ones in my experiences.

I didn’t read this book because I am in a hole and need to be rescued. I am out of the hole for a couple of years and out of the movie theatre for about six months (read the book to find out what I am talking about). It is true that the secret and the law of attraction was my starting point. It is also true that most of such works were incomplete. But back then I wasn’t ready for more information. It was all that I could handle at that time. If then I read books on quantum physics the information would probably go right over my head. So everything comes in my life in perfect timing as Bashar puts it, “you know what you need to know when you need to know it”.

I have been practicing living in the moment and following my excitement, I have never felt such peace and joy ever before in my life. Even when I was doing my PhD or had a full time job at a university, in fact I was miserable then. Please understand that for me it was miserable but someone who enjoys these things, it could be an exciting experience. What could be boring for you could be an adventure for me and vice versa. So the key is to follow your heart no matter how it is for other people.

So I have been listening to my heart and paying close attention to my feelings. I have also started to let go of my judgments as you may have read in my articles. So I can relate to the author’s ideas and life experiences. Another thing that he says and I agree with him one hundred percent is to trust all the situations that come in my life. I don’t resist them or try to change them or the people involved. Allowance is the key.

From my experience even before I was aware of these ideas I had noticed that when I try to make something right which I judged as wrong, it backfired most of the times. At its best it was a temporary fix. When I leave the things as they are without judgments they resolve on their own and in ways that I couldn’t have possibly thought of. Of course it wasn’t my goal to resolve something; I was just going with the flow with no judgments or expectations. The author explains this point remarkably well with his own life experiences. He also illustrates some processes you can use to let go of opinions and judgments. You will find them highly effective.

As I was reading this book I was remembering my own journey in life from law of attraction to personal development to spiritual rituals (meditation, breathing techniques) to Abraham Hicks to Paolo Coelho (The Alchemist ) to Bashar. Bashar channeled by Daryl Anka was the turning point. It wasn’t important if I believe in channeling or not but I completely resonated with what he was saying which was based on quantum mechanics. It made so much sense. I found out about the author Richard Bach from one of Bashar’s videos. His books maybe fiction (or not) gave me more ideas about how reality works. I also read books by Bruce Lipton (The Biology of Belief) and Gregg Braden (The Divine Matrix , The Spontaneous Healing of Belief, The God Code) again based on quantum physics. All these people helped me to formulate my own understanding of reality and for that I have deep appreciation for them.

And now and his book Butterflies Are Free To Fly though also based on quantum physics but much more radical then anything I came across before. I agree with most of it. There is one thing that I may not totally resonate with. That is the idea of the “Infinite I” as explained by the author. Some may argue that I have completely missed the whole point of the book, maybe I have and maybe I haven’t but who cares. Effectively using the principles of quantum physics in my daily life is all I care about and the author explains that perfectly. It is not about having faith in something but learning how it actually works; the same is true for your life, your reality. I love this quote from Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull, “Forget about faith! You didn’t need faith to fly, you needed to understand flying. This is just the same….”

My most favourite chapter in this book is about money, it is just brilliant! Completely trusting your higher self or unlimited self or what the author calls your Infinite I is all what’s it is about. Please do read this exciting chapter. For myself I have discovered that if I want to get something and I am really excited about it I buy it. I don’t think about the price or if I should get something which is a bit more practical. I just follow my excitement and I always get the means to do that maybe because I believe that I am always taken care of as someone said, “the universe rearranges itself according to what you believe”.

It may sound ridiculous and completely over the top to indulge yourself like this but I believe it works for me and so it does. Another thing to remember is that money is just one of the countless expressions of abundance. I keep all my options open and allow my abundance to reach me in whatever shape or form that is best for me. I find it most exciting when it reaches me in an extremely unexpected and unusual way .

Another chapter that I really liked was one on compassion and I completely agree with what the author is saying. Feeling bad about what appears to be suffering out there in the world will not help such situations or the people involved in any way. However it is also very hard to not to feel anything when you witness something that makes you uncomfortable. I know everything is perfect just the way it is but sometimes I just can’t help but react in the way that I don’t want to. I guess I still have some work to do and process some issues.

The author in this chapter mentions that people often ask him that what would he do if he witness a child being beaten (read the chapter on compassion to know how he replied). Just as I was finishing this chapter we had a guest, my husband’s friend and he had his two year old son with him. This adorable little child was playing with a stray cat that I feed everyday. He tried to catch it by it’s tail in a playful manner and the cat not used to it mildly scratched him. No big deal, I don’t think the child even noticed this scratch on his arm. His father however went to the child (which I thought was to make sure that the child was alright) and slapped him twice. First I was shocked at the father’s behaviour and then I felt a sudden wave of anger that I hadn’t felt in a while. The only thing that I could think of to calm myself down was to remove myself from the situation and have a glass of water which I did.

It is so weird that the scenario that the author just mentioned came to life in my reality. I know that my feeling or showing anger was pointless. I also know that all situations serve a purpose that is to bring to our awareness the things that we need to process. I guess I still have some judgments in me that I need to work on. I am not too concerned about them, slowly and steadily I am peeling all the layers one by one. Slow and easy wins the race, just a metaphor, I am not trying to win at anything. At the moment I am just going with the flow and following my excitement.

In this book, Butterflies Are Free To Fly the author talks about some effective techniques to peel of the layers of ego. Try them and you will be surprised at what you discover and let go.

The author also recommends three day long self experiments. Some months back I wrote about Me Day. That is the day when I do only the things that I want to do. The author says that you try that for 24 hours. Then the next day for the second experiment, don’t try to make anything happen. I also do that a lot .

The third one is a bit tricky for me. On the third day you have to say yes to everything that comes your way. Sort of like Jim Carrey’s movie yes man. I did that for nearly half a day but couldn’t continue it especially since I have a five year old. But I definitely plan to do it real soon and will record everything that happens. The point of these experiments is to let you know that how much you are taken of by the universe. Your only job is to follow your excitement and have fun and don’t worry about the rest. Giving up control was a very difficult thing for me initially but I am much better at it now and have never been happier.

I think I should wrap it up now. This book makes a really exciting read; I finished it in two days which is a record for me. I didn’t have to write about it but I had a strong feeling that I should. I didn’t think at all while I was writing, the words just flowed. I have to read it over to make sure that what I wrote makes any sense. On second thought I would not make any corrections or changes and let it be which in my opinion is the central theme of this book.

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