Give to Receive

You have to give rightly to receive abundantly. Many people associate giving with religion. That is not so, it is a way of life. It is not only ethical but also practical. I have mentioned before, how your thoughts can travel far, gaining strength on their journey and then coming back to you. This is also true for giving. When you give with right intentions, it will always come back to you multiplied.

There is an unchanging law of giving and receiving in the universe. Jesus’ doctrine, “Give and it will be given unto you”, is based on this law. Mostly Jesus’ teachings are taken at their surface value; however, these words of wisdom have a much deeper meaning from the spiritual point of view and are based on universal laws. This law of giving and receiving is not only applicable to our financial matters but also to our social relationships.

This divine law of equilibrium is based on love and justice. It will automatically adjust all your affairs not only financially but also in mind and body. You will have harmony in all areas of life. You will attain happiness, health and prosperity. People in past and even today who have followed this law have become extremely successful in their careers. Russell Simmons who is the fourth richest hip hop entrepreneur, in his book, Do You!: 12 Laws to Access the Power in You to Achieve Happiness and Success, wrote, "...piling up zeros in your bank account, or cars in your driveway, won't in and of itself make you successful. Rather, true success is based on a constant flow of giving and receiving. In fact, if you look up affluence in the dictionary, you'll see its root is a Latin phrase meaning "to flow with abundance". So in order to be truly affluent, you must always let what you have received flow back into the world”.

Some people shy away from giving because they think that their offering is too small. Don’t think like that. Practice giving even if it is a small amount, it is your thought that counts, not the amount you give. When you give be cheerful and happy. Give even though you see no possibility of return. By your thought or words bless your offering and its recipient. This way you will set into motion this wonderful law of giving and receiving which will eventually manifest large results.

Our reality, the things we see around us are the outer appearance or effects of the causes that we can’t or don’t see. Every thing has a spiritual as well as material identity, we mostly ignore the spiritual which is the cause side and has an enormous value. We judge by appearance and cling to only what is visible to us, the effect side. Our thoughts are the cause side of our reality and what manifests are their effects.

Your thoughts are part of our own consciousness and create your own reality. The thought currents and dominant beliefs of thousands and millions of people shape the race consciousness. By looking at the world today we can see that certain destructive thoughts held in the minds of people are the cause of widespread poverty, disease and destruction. The remedy for this is constructive thoughts along the lines of positive thinking. All true change begins with the “individual”. Make your own thoughts positive, compassionate and just that is the great gift you can give to the mankind.

A few men and women rise above the thought currents of race consciousness. They become independent thinkers. To be one of these courageous people devote your thinking to unselfishness, justice, equity and generous giving. Even a few people with right thinking and motives can introduce these ideas in to the race consciousness so that the way can be paved for their universal adoption.

There is a psychological reason for obeying the law of giving and receiving. When we obey the law of God or Universe along any lines, our faith becomes stronger in proportion and our doubts disappear. When you put God first not only in your thoughts but also in action your faith becomes a hundred times stronger and you receive abundance accordingly. When you abide by this law you feel and know that you are building your finances on a solid foundation that will never fail you.

When you give don’t think of it as charity. The word charity brings to the mind “idea of lack”. We should cultivate in our minds ideas of abundance for all. All things belong to God and all of his children are equally entitled to it. If you have more then others it doesn’t mean that you are superior and others are dependent on you. It means that you are blessed because you are chosen to distribute God’s bounty to your fellow men and women.

When you give it should be in proportion to what you receive. You should give regularly and not occasionally and with as much generosity as you can with the means you have. Every one can give a fair return for what they get. When people give with right motives they find that they have more money to give then they had anticipated. You should cleanse your mind of all thoughts of stinginess and hoarding and be generous for your own sake. Your own experience will be proof enough that this law works. You will begin to have an inflow of new ideas to improve your life. You will begin to develop prosperity consciousness that will be manifested in your life and affairs in the form of wealth and abundance.

Think of your consciousness as a stream of fresh water, if you block the out flow of this stream, the water will become stale and stagnant. To purify your consciousness let in the flood from above by opening the dam, meaning continuous letting go of a part of what you receive. When you give regularly no thoughts of fear or lack can clog your mind.

When you obey this law and give a gift to someone, don’t think about getting something in return from that person. If you do that then it is not really a gift but a bribe. You have to give freely and let go of the gift entirely so that it has a chance to go out there and come back to you multiplied. We don’t know how far a blessing may travel before it returns to us. The longer it takes the more people it is blessing and it is increased all the more when it does come back. Return will come because it cannot escape the law, though there is a possibility that it may come through a very different channel then we expect as God blesses us from many different sources. Trying to fix the channel from which our blessing must come is one of the ways by which we can stop our own supply.

Your thoughts have the power to bring you every thing that you want. So you must think big, don’t cultivate ideas of small things financially like thinking of hundreds instead of thousands. Maybe you are of the opinion that your income is small and limited and you cannot give. To overcome this kind of thinking you should develop a prosperity consciousness which means believing in God’s unlimited supply. You must have a strong belief that you will receive all that universe has for you and that God is the source of your inexhaustible supply. In order for your thoughts to become things you must also begin to give. In the beginning maybe the amount that you give will be small but give it any way with good will and a big heart. It is not the amount that is important but what really counts are your thoughts of love and joy that you send forth with your gift and that can be measured not by worldly standards but only by spiritual standards.

When you will have complete faith in God or Universe and not in people or circumstances to bring to you what you desire, all the difficulties in your life will melt away. You will become selfless and generous which will in turn lead to a healthy, happy and prosperous life.

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