The life power and how to use it

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“Life power and how to use it" is Elizabeth Towne’s yet another powerful book. I tremendously enjoyed reading this master piece and you will too. The more I read her books, the more I admire her wisdom and depth of thought. I have great respect for her not only because of the wonderful books she wrote but also because she practiced what she preached. She was a self made woman. She started her own business of publishing and writing when she literally had nothing and rose to heights of success and prosperity. Her insight on life and human nature amazes me.

The beauty of Elizabeth Towne’s books is that you can read them in any order. You can read each chapter as a separate and complete article. Go to the chapters you feel drawn to and you might find a bit of wisdom you were looking for.

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Elizabeth Towne

The cloud-maker tells us the world is wrong, And is bound in an evil fetter,

But the blue-sky man comes bringing a song Of hope that shall make it better;

And the toilers, hearing his voice, behold The sign of a glad to-morrow,

Whose hands are heaped with the purest gold, Of which each heart may borrow.

—Nixon Waterman.


Elizabeth Towne, Holyoke, Mass.

January, 1906

* * * * *




* * * * *

The truth is large; no man hath seen the whole;

Larger than words; it brooks not the control

Of argument and of distinctions nice;

No age or creed can hold it, no device

Of speech or language; ay, no syllogism;

Truth is the sun, and reason is the prism

You lift before it; whence the light is thrown

In various colors; each man takes his own.

If this man takes the red as you the blue,

Is yours the whole? and is his truth not true?

Spirit is truth, howe’er the colors fall;

The fact comes back to spirit, after all.

Samuel Valentine Cole.


METHUSELAH AND THE SUN - Has anything gone out of your life? Have you lost that which you esteemed dear? Grieve not. It has been destroyed or taken away to make place for yet higher things. God gives and God takes away in answer to your own highest the plate for a more beautiful picture.

Three-Fold Being - There is a third layer of mind which lies within and beyond both conscious and sub-conscious mind. This super-conscious mind is what we call God, out of which comes all wisdom.

Soul, Mind, and Body - The astral body is an organization of cell souls, just as the physical body is an organization of cells, I have no present doubt.

How to Aim - Without definiteness of aim nothing can be accomplished. With too definite an aim very little can be accomplished. This is the paradox of all accomplishment. It looks hard, but is in reality very easy—so easy that a child lives it.

The Substance of Things - Life “concentrates” on a mushroom and grows it in a night; but an oak requires twenty years of “concentration.”

To Get at the Substance - In order to get anything—wisdom, power, love—from the silence one’s whole interest must be absorbed in the matter.

The Spirit and the Individual - He who rejoices in his personal understanding or reason as the means by which he taps the source of all wisdom, is in a fair way to profit by his own intelligence and the universal intelligence beside.

By Crooked Paths - ...and I know it was because I turned to the universal self, to God, to the Law of Attraction for the help needed, for the knowledge which not one of us had in consciousness, but which was certainly present in the universal mind in which we live and move and have our being.

Spirit the Breath of Life - have seen the truth of it demonstrated by hundreds of cases of people who failed to get well on “treatments” of any sort, and who afterward did get well on sunshine, fresh air and full breathing, along with mental treatment.

Affirmation and Wheels - Affirmations of success, faith, wisdom, power, good, love, will wake your latent forces to more intelligent uses. The more enthusiasm you can conjure into the affirmations the more quickly will you realize success.

Your Forces and How to Manage Them - You can overdo anything, even self-treatment. If you keep repeating affirmations to yourself your mental chattering interferes with the real healing.

Love & Duty - The wandering mind robs the body of vitality and joy. The power which should move from the head down through the body and out into intelligent doing, is simply dissipated into thin air.

Well Done (Development of Character) - Character grows by the use of self-reliance and self-respect, just as physical character grows by the use of muscles. Character becomes weak and flabby when self-reliance and self-respect are kept on the shelf of another man’s pantry.

What Has He Done? - Nobody will deny that most of us inspire a large proportion of poison gas of the mental kind, instead of pure wisdom. We breathe over other people's thoughts after them, just as we breathe over the air after them. This breathed-over thought destroys our physical, mental and environmental health.

Will & Wills - I found the Law of Individuality. I found that when I willed to do anything which I desired, the All-Will backed me, unless I foolishly...

Concerning Vibrations - ...thought vibrations carry farther and far more quickly. And wherever there is another thinker ready to hear, the thoughts are recorded. Many times we hear the thoughts of other people and mistake them for our own; for everybody has at least a little mental hearing.

The I Was and the I Am [God in Man’s Image] - No matter how lofty a God you carry in your heart he will do you little good unless he is an "I Am" God.

Immortal Thought - Your body is the present conclusion of all the thoughts, good, bad or indifferent, true or untrue, mortal or immortal, which you have thought, un-thought or rethought from the beginning of eternity; and hourly it is being changed by the new thoughts coming to you.

God in Person - Evolution is simply God coming into consciousness of himself and his wisdom. Your body is a part of God’s body; your soul is God, the One Life of all creation.

How to Reach Heaven [Harnessing the Emotions] - The secret of real enjoyment, of the kind from which there is no unpleasant reaction, lies in perfect control of the emotional nature.

A Look at Heredity - There are spiritual and mental relationships to which we all owe far more of our goodness and greatness than can be traced to those of blood tie or heredity.

Critic and Criticized - It is our soul’s love for wisdom and knowledge which attracts to us the criticisms of friend and foe.

The Nobility [How to Attract Noble Associates] - Somebody has said that the world is divided into two classes, the civil and the uncivil. The hall-mark of real nobility is the habit of being civil to the uncivil...

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