Authentic Power

This article explains how you can develop your inner strength or authentic power to take control of your life. You don’t need a big bank balance or a big house to be powerful. But when you have authentic power, these things will come to you by themselves. You will become a powerful magnet and will attract to your self all the symbols of prosperity.

What does power means to you? When you impose your decisions or will upon another person that is not true power because if you can’t make the other person do what you want then you loose power. This is external power and you can loose it at any point in your life. Authentic power on the other hand cannot be lost to any external factor. It doesn’t depend on what you do for a living but it depends on who you are. It is in you. Maybe you feel that you are powerful because of what you have like your worldly possessions or your outward appearance. But you could loose your riches and your looks will change with time. When you think these are the sources of your power and you will be power less without them, you live in a constant fear of losing them and there is no power in fear.

There are people in the world who are extremely wealthy but they don’t consider their wealth the source of their power. They are not powerful because they are rich but they are wealthy because of their inner strength. Even if they go bankrupt they bounce back and become even more successful then before. It is because they know that the power is not in the money they have but the power is within them. While others who depend on their riches for their happiness and power don’t have enough courage or faith in themselves to rebuild their fortunes if they loose it.

What exactly is power? Power is an energy dynamics. It leaves you through different parts of your personality. If a part of you is afraid, another part spiteful and a part of you is in despair then you loose power unconsciously. This is how power flows out of an unempowered person. We can understand every physical discomfort in terms of power loss to an external factor through one of the several power centers in the body. For example if you fear you will loose a relationship you will have discomfort in your chest area in the heart region. Though having a healthy diet and exercise is important but there is more to heart attack then a person’s cholesterol levels. If you are anxious about your finances and you doubt your ability to take care of your self and your family, you will have an uneasy feeling or pain in your stomach area which is also called solar plexus. Anxiety is power leaving the body through that area of the body. Anxiety demoralizes the whole body and weakens its defense against the diseases.

When you see power as something external you loose it through fear and distrust and you gain nothing but physical and emotional pain. If you are jealous of someone then it means that the person you are jealous of has power over you. You want what he has and your happiness depends upon the thing you envy. Same goes when you grieve or long for something or someone. You feel vulnerable. You are afraid to live without the person or situation that you miss. At the heart of all negative emotions like self pity, regret, inferiority, superiority, hatred, despair, loneliness, spite, rage or anger is fear.

If you want to acquire authentic power and be in control of yourself and your life then you must have clarity, humbleness and forgiveness.


Clarity means looking at your life and circumstances with wisdom. It means believing that universe always responds to your every need with compassion. Whatever happens happens because the universe is trying to heal the splintered or broken aspects of your personality and wants to make it whole.

Your personality has many parts some are compassionate and understanding and some are not. You may be loving towards one person and hateful towards another. The purpose of situations in your life is to make your personality whole and more in align with your soul. For example you may be envious of what your friend has. If you continue to have this kind of feeling then more people you know will have the success that you want. Why does this happen? Is universe trying to punish you for your envious behavior? Not at all, the universe never judge. It is with kindness trying to heal the aspect of your personality that is envious. The situations that make you jealous will keep repeating themselves unless you learn to not to be jealous.

You have to know that God’s supply is unlimited there is enough for everyone. You don’t have to look what another has with wistful eyes. You will have all the success that you want. Your life will be abundant and fulfilling. You will not have exactly what others have but universe will provide you with the best life which is most suitable to your own unique self. When you learn this the feeling of envy or jealousy will disappear. Instead you will begin to feel happy for others. When this happen your whole self will begin to vibrate with hope and happiness. This will activate the law of attraction in your favor. You will then begin to attract success, prosperity, good relationships and whatever your true desires are.

When you have clarity you acquire authentic power, you acquire the power to create your circumstances. Of course you cannot directly choose your circumstances but you can choose your thoughts and emotions. So indirectly but surely you have the power to shape your circumstances and thus your destiny. James Allen in his book “As a Man Thinketh” says, “Circumstances do not make the man, it reveals him to himself”.

You progress and evolve with each experience if you have clarity. Every situation gives you an opportunity to learn and grow. When you learn the spiritual lesson which a situation has to offer, it passes away and another situation takes its place. If an undesirable situation keeps on repeating itself say it to universe “Help me learn what I am suppose to learn from this situation and let me move on with my life”. You will be a slave to circumstances as long as you believe yourself to be controlled by outside forces. When you realize that you have creative power, you will grow out of the unfavorable circumstances. You will then become the true master of yourself.

You learn through every thing that happens in your life. Clarity makes you learn through wisdom instead of fear and doubt. When you have clarity you don’t judge other people when they make mistakes because you know that you have made many of them yourself. You see people responding negatively to the situations in their life but you don’t feel superior to them because at one point in your life you were also like that. When you have clarity you see that each situation has a purpose to benefit you, to make you whole, to discover hidden powers and possibilities within you. You gain power because you are not afraid of anything of any situation. You see the hand of god in everything. You know that you are never really alone. Universe is always working with and through you to bring abundance in your world.


A person who has authentic power is humble. Being humble doesn’t mean the false pretence of being with those who are below you. It means recognizing and appreciating the beauty of each soul in each personality. It is respecting and honoring life in all forms.

When you are humble you become harmless, meaning you become so empowered that showing your strength by hurting another person is not even a part of your consciousness. You are so strong that you do not need to harm another creature. You can not have authentic power unless you are humble because power leaves you when you think that you can’t control the people or situations in your life. You don’t compete for external power. However you do take honest pride in what you do and do the best you can. Whatever your job or business is it adds value and quality to your life and also to the lives of others. A humble person never takes advantage of another. He never builds profits at the expense of other people. Sooner or later such an empowered person will be prosperous.


If you want to have true power then you must forgive. When you forgive a person you take away that person’s power and control over you. It is not a moral issue; you do it for your own self and not as a favor to another person. When you don’t forgive you hold feelings of anger, frustration, despair and spite. These negative feelings as studies have shown can cause physical and emotional discomforts like high blood pressure, increased heart rate and depression. So who is the loser here, you or the person you didn’t forgive? Unforgiveness makes you physically and emotionally weak, you then feel powerless.

If you forgive someone but you don’t let him or her forget that you forgive, then it is not forgiveness. It is manipulation to acquire external power. Forgiveness means that you don’t carry the burden of an experience so that you can move forward in your life. If you don’t forgive then an unpleasant experience sticks with you and pulls you back in life.

Forgiveness is when you don’t hold anyone else responsible for your experiences. If you hold someone accountable for your life and then you experience a situation that you do not want, you will try to change the situation by manipulating the person who you think is responsible for it. When you will blame someone else for your experiences you will loose power. You will think that your well being is in the hands of another person. You will then feel helpless because you can’t predict what that person will do next and how that will affect your circumstances. Don’t depend on another person for your happiness.

When you don’t forgive you have regret. It is when you don’t let go of the negative experiences and they stick with you and burden your heart. This makes you loose power. When you forgive you free the negative energy you were holding on to and let go of the negative experiences you had while you were learning. You feel lighter and unburdened. You become strong when you stop complaining and accusing others of being responsible of your condition; when you stop fighting your circumstances and start using them for your advancement.

To summarize, when you try to impose your will on another or try to dominate and control another, it means that you want to have external power. In reality you will be only disempowered. A loving personality seeks authentic power to be self reliant and to patiently learn to find good in all. Such a person knows how to adapt himself to others and they in turn feel that they can learn from him and depend on him. They respect his spiritual strength. When you have clarity, humbleness and forgiveness you acquire authentic power which enables you to achieve happiness, health and wealth.

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