How to Raise Your Vibration

In some of my previous articles on manifestation we talked about the relationship between your vibrational frequency and the reality that you attract.

The higher your vibrational frequency (meaning the feelings of excitement, joy or love) the more pleasant is your physical reality.

Practice makes perfect

Raising your vibration and keeping it there is a process, the more you practice it the easier it gets. No matter what happens you always have a choice to feel in a way that you desire. Of course through years of programming (this life time and others) our emotions are running on sort of auto pilot but now it is time to take back our power and heal our emotional body. My favourite affirmation to use in a seemingly undesirable situation (as given by Bashar) is, “Circumstances don’t matter only my state of being matters”. This is the starting point to take you towards feeling good.

When something stops flowing

When something stops flowing in to your life be it a relationship or financial opportunities, know that it is happening to give you more time to yourself. More time to spend with you, more time to know you and more time to find your inner joy. It means that before you were giving too much of yourself away piece by piece. Now it is time to collect back those pieces so that you can be whole again.

High frequency choices

If you want to raise your frequency then you need to make choices that are higher in vibration that is choices that make you feel happy. This is also true for everyday choices that may appear to be not very important. For example what do you want to do right now? Read a book, watch T.V, go for a walk, work out…. Now from out of these which is the one that will give you the highest amount of joy? Choose that one because that has the highest vibrational frequency for you.

Remember it is the excitement in little things that connect you with the bigger things that excite you. You may think that you can’t do what you want because there are other things that you need to do. It just means that you have a belief that supports this idea that following your joy will lead to a negative consequence. Change that belief. Your beliefs are the software of the operating system of your physical reality. Unless you upgrade, you will experience similar situations as before. But also you just can’t start believing something all of a sudden, do it slowly. Start from doing one or two things every day that are just for you, that are exciting and give you joy. Then observe a subtle shilft in your realty.

In this 3D reality you attract to yourself circumstances that are alignment with your emotional body. Before I used to think that it is the thoughts that attract things but now I know that it is the feeling. Yes a particular thought can ignite a certain feeling but it is the feeling that creates your reality.

You can make wonderful and positive affirmations all day long but if you are not in a good place of feeling, these affirmations will be counter productive and will annoy you even more. To keep your emotional body nice and healthy you can raise your frequency and keep it there as much as you can. There will be ups and downs but that’s o.k. with practice you will be able to stay in a better place of feeling longer.

Ways to raise your Vibration

So what you can do to raise your frequency? Make choices that have a high vibrational value for you. Also there are two more things that you can do. The first one is to think about a happy place. A place that always makes you feel good when you visualize about it. It could be real or imaginary. You could also think about a loved one but there maybe programmes running in your subconscious mind about that person that you are not even aware of. Personally I like to think about all the beautiful places that I want to visit or I have visited and had a good time. Sometimes I don’t even have to visualize as I have a beautiful view of mountains from my window and also the sea. Just by looking at them I feel so much peace.

The second thing you can do is to imagine the frequency of joy entering from the top of your head and then dropping in to your heart. You can imagine it in your favourite colour; I always see it as a golden ray of light. Then feel that joy through your heart.

Process & clear

Sometimes when you are vibrating at a high frequency and feeling particularly good, a situation will come up that is not in harmony with your feelings. Where did this come from you might think. You may think that you did something wrong to create this drama. Well, you didn’t do anything wrong but you are on the right track.

You see when you are vibrating at a high frequency some low frequency issues may come up that were stored in your subconscious (because they don’t match up to your over all vibration they come to surface) so that you can process and clear them. You will create a situation that will bring that issue to your attention so that you can go through it and let it go. You do this to continue to keep your vibration high. So don’t judge whatever it is that you are creating because it has a purpose. In fact be excited about it.

Pat yourself on the back because now you know that you create your reality and sometimes you create it in such a way that helps you to release emotional baggage that was holding you back. So all is good and you are doing an excellent job.

Remaining in the present

When you focus upon the past or future you are scattering your energy. All your power is in the now this is where you create. Focus on your now. How you feel now is creating what you perceive as future.

My experience

As I said before it is a process to keep your vibration high. The more you are aware of it and pull yourself up when you are down the easier it gets to do it next time. When I think about myself I used to be upset about things (for days) that seem so insignificant now even comical. Yes now there are other things that would upset me but now I can get over myself fairly quickly in a matter of minutes and sometimes seconds. I am very pleased with myself with the progress that I have made. You should also acknowledge the progress that you have made and appreciate yourself for the work well done. The feeling of appreciation has an extremely high vibrational frequency.

Feeling good gradually

The amount of time that it takes you to get back on track is not important. What is important is that you are aware that you have the capability to pick yourself up when you are down and you are aware of this process. Some days if you are vibrating at a low frequency, you think of a happy place and you will manage to feel a bit better but not completely good. But that is alright. Feeling better bit by bit is that you need to do, go with the process and take as much time as you need.

Shifting Frequencies

Remember not to judge the frequency you are at. A low frequency is not bad, just different from the high frequency so creates a different kind of experience. When you stop judging how you feel as good or bad, you will find it easier to shift your vibration from one frequency to another.

When you are able to do that and stuff comes up, you find it a lot easier to let it go and shift frequencies. People who are still not “awake” find it more difficult when unexpected emotions come up as we move closer to 2012 and planet Earth accelerates on its path of ascension. Those who are not up to speed may find it challenging, they may think that their worst fears have come to life over which they have no control.

You on the other hand know that whatever comes up does that so you can clear it. You know that you can shift vibration at any time and you know that it is a process. So when issues arise you are even excited about it because you know that when you are through with them you will raise your frequency and create something new and joyful.

As you will get the hang of raising your frequency and practice keeping it there you will notice that things that do not resonate with your frequency will fade away. Of course things that do go away will be replaced by new exciting ones. Good times indeed .

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